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Small Gift Hamper


A lovely gift box with three of Crown & Queue's delicious, and beautifully wrapped, dry-cured sausages along with a curated selection of guest stars.

Approximate weight: 480g

- Three Crown & Queue Sausages
- One pack Moons Green Beef Sticks
- One pack Pigtails Snacking Sausages
- 1 Sliced Meat Pack (Please let us know your preference in the delivery notes)
- One Crown & Queue Tote Bag

Please note, the Lincoln Imp, the Answell and the Pigtails contain Barley, as the result of being made with locally brewed beers. The Snapdragon is gluten-free, as are the Beef Sticks. All of our sliced meats are gluten-free.

Photos by Hung Quach II - Jet & Indigo