About Us

Created as a labour of love by Adrienne Eiser Treeby in 2014 – Crown & Queue Meats strives to create dry cured sausages and prepared meats that showcase the exceptional foods that are grown, reared, brewed and conceived of right here in London, England.

The recipes are inspired by, or in some cases drawn directly from classic British dishes, flavours, and history.

We only work with lovingly-raised Heritage Breed pork, beef and lamb, sourced from sustainability-focused small farms as close to our production space in Bermondsey as we can find, our herbs are those classically grown here, and we have warm friendships with several microbreweries across the city.

When you eat one of our sausages, you can feel confident that you know where the meat you eat comes from. So not only do our sausages taste better, but you can feel better about eating them. 

Made in London, of London. 

Photo Credit: Kerb Ltd. www.kerbfood.com

For more information about our famers, working practices, low-waste and sustainability-focused production model, please visit our website by clicking HERE

For more information about our recipes and their historical antecedents, please visit our RECIPES page.