Recipe History

º Lincoln Imp: Dark, Rich & Savoury, this dry-cured sausage is a play on the flavours of Lincolnshire. Ingredients include sage, garlic, lovage, dried fruit and Kernel Brewery's Export Stout. Contains Barley (from the Beer)

º Answell: Named for Norfolk authoress Anna Sewell who penned Black Beauty, this sausage is flavoured with blackcurrant, black pepper and Five Points Brewery London Smoke. An homage to the English countryside and the flavours of the hedgerow. Contains Barley (from the Beer)

º Snapdragon: Tart & Fruity and reminiscent of Christmas. This sausage is a heady mix of Apple Pomona from The Somerset Cider Brandy Company, dried currants and some fiery spices. Gluten Free

º Mother's Ruin: Inspired by turn-of-the-century gin Cocktails, this sausage combines Juniper, Fennel seed and Chardonnay from East London's own Renegade Wine We can’t guarantee that it won’t wreak as much havoc on your Mum as gin did back in the day. Bright, fresh and perfect for sipping, errr, we mean nibbling. Gluten Free

º Hoghton Loin: A lovely marbled offering, we cure our loin with the Lancashire grown flavours of Rosemary, Fennel and Horseradish. Named for a Grade I listed Lancs Tower where the mythic knighting of Sir Loin may or may not have taken place. Gluten Free

º Martlemass Air Dried Beef: Named for the feast of St Martin’s, the patron saint of the harvest, where British farmers would celebrate the end of the harvest and the preparation of goods for winter. Traditionally, the dishes were heavily spiced with cinnamon and mace, and a whole cow would be butchered and salted for use throughout the colder months of the year. Since St Martin is also the patron saint of Vintners and Innkeepers, we tipped a few bottles of Kernel’s Damson Sour into the mix as well. Contains Gluten (from the Beer)

º Devil's Mortar: Inspired by a Scottish recipe from the 1700s, this sublimely spreadable and shockingly spicy recipe is our newest addition. ‘Devilling’ or ‘devils’ (as the sauce alone was called) was used to eke the most out of almost anything! Our version is pure heritage-breed pork flavoured with Cayenne, Smoked Chili Powder, Anchovy Oil and Dried Tomato. Contains Fish

º And many many more... We're always trying out a few new things (or should we say OLD things)! Special editions have limited availability Allergens vary, please enquire.